The Wizard of Oz

Dramatized by Elizabeth Fuller Chapman

Directed by Barbara Winther
Produced by Linda Hamilton & Rosemary Rhodes

Annual Children’s Show –  Based on the Frank Baum books, a show to delight the young ones.

Production Dates : December 11th – 7:30pm, 12th – 11am 1pm 3pm, and 13th – 11am 1pm 1998

Munchkin … Chris Bonnano
Floria/Munchkin … Katie Edwards
Munchkin … Jenny Edwards
Dorothy … Vanessa Hingle
Toto … Brittany Hingle
Witch of the North … Dorothy Knutsen
Scarecrow … Ian MacPherson
Tin Woodman … Shaun Dafoe
Lion … Othello Innes
Wicked Witch of the West … Janine Heaven
Guardian of the Gates … Marcel Potvin
Wizard of Oz … Rick Gladman
Glinda the Good … Elaine Hale

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE BURLINGTON: Burlington Little Theatre is putting on a special play for the small fry, The Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy, played by Vanessa Hingle, is surrounded by Good Witch Elaine Hale, Wicked Witch Janine Heaven and Toto (Brittany Hingle). The play is being put on at Central High School auditorium on Dec. 11-13. For ticket information call 637-1728.

Ron Kuzyk/Burlington Post
BURLINGTON POST, December 2. 1998