Black Coffee

By Agatha Christie

Produced by Linda Hamilton
Directed by Larry Marin

The play is set in 1920 in Sir Claude Amory’s house near London and features the usual array of characters, suspicions,evil deeds, red herrings and romance which Agatha Christie serves up in her mysteries so reliably and well. It features Hercule Poirot, the dapper Belgian detective who figures so prominently in Christie’s plays, novels and stories for over half a century. Some of the plot elements include a stolen formula for an atomic weapon, an infamous ring of international spies, the blackmail of a beautiful woman who hopes to keep her past a secret, the seething frustrations of the son of a wealthy man and, of course, the murder (by poison) of the scientist who might have unleashed atomic power two decades before it actually happened.

Production Dates: Fall 1997

Designed … Wendy Fennell and Trevor Bonanno
Costumes … Eileen Newton
Lighting … Chuck Learn