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2017 Theater Burlington Awards Presentation

June 22, 2017

Producer’s ‘Thank You’ Awards, Gift of BLT
For Outstanding Contribution to the Production
Mending Fences: Producer Chuck Learn thanked John Strobe
Cinderella: Producer Kathy Nagel-Hyde thanked Brian Thorpe
Papers: Producer Michelle Spanik thanked Peggy Churey
Return Engagements: Producer Barb Pollard thanked Eleanor Cook

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2016 Theater Burlington Awards Presentation

June 23, 2016

Producer’s ‘Thank You’ Awards – Gift of BLT
For Outstanding Contribution to the Production

The Odd Couple (female version):  Producer Sondra Learn thanked Lynn Bragg
Hansel & Gretel: Producer Michelle Spanik thanked Matt Dafoe
Death by Design: Michael Hannigan thanked Nancy Mleczko
Eat Your heart Out:
  Producer Michelle Spanik  thanked  the Illuminaires  (T. Ward, J. Spanic, L. Bonanno, C. Learn & S. Semeniuk}

The Burlington Post Award – Gift of The Burlington Post
For Outstanding Performance by an Actress  in a Supporting Role
Valery Harrison as Victoria in Death by Design
Kerstin Henke-Rodaway as Sylvia in The Odd Couple
WINNER: Kate Racheter as The Girls in Eat Your Heart Out

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2015 Theatre Burlington Awards Presentation

June 18, 2015

Producer’s ‘Thank You’ Awards – Gift of BLT
For Outstanding Contribution to the Production

Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror: Producer Sondra Learn, thanks Shilo Nelson
– Pinocchio: Producer Peter Manlysewich, thanks Lawrie Bonanno
The Handyman: Michelle Spanik, thanks Marie Semeniuk
– Barefoot in the Park: producer Chuck Learn, thanks Sondra Learn

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WODL Festival 2015 Finalists


Monday, March 16: “Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out” – Aylmer Community Players
Tuesday, March 17: “Of Mice And Men” – Theatre Kent
Wednesday, March 18: “Love, Loss and What I Wore” – Paris Performers’ Theatre
Thursday, March 19:  “The Clean House” – Theatre Sarnia
Friday, March 20: “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” – London Community Players

Congratulations to all the winning plays

Tickets are still available for all shows, 1-888-446-7699 Awards tickets are very limited.

Visit for all details. If you have not already made March plans, Owen Sound Festivals are the best – Guaranteed fun workshops and interesting theatre talk and parties should you join the crowds at The Roxy and/or at the Days Inn.

Out of Festival Awards went to Theatre Burlington’s Michael Hannigan as Best Actor, J.R. Hewson as Best Cameo, and Dia Frid was nominated for Best Actress.

Another great show has been put to rest.