Don’t Misunderstand Me

By Patrick Cargill

Directed by Peter Lloyd
Produced by Carla Zabek

Act 4 Productions in association with Theatre Burlington

Hilarious misunderstandings abound in this witty English comedy. After an impulsive extramarital liaison on a trip to New York, Charles, happily married to Margerie, is horrified when Jaynie turns up on his doorstep. His brother, Robert, helps Charles cover his tracks sparking a frantic spiral of desperate deceptions.

Please note that this is an additional play put on in association with Act 4 Productions and is not part of Theatre Burlington’s regular season.

Dates: May 23-24-25, May 30-31-Jun 1, 2019
Curtain 8:00 PM

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A Bad Year For Tomatoes

A hilarious comedy by John Patrick

Directed by James Luckett
Produced by Chuck Learn

Fed up with the pressures and demands of her acting career, the famous Myra Marlowe leases a house in the tiny New England hamlet of Beaver Haven and settles down to write her autobiography.

She is successful in turning aside the offers pressed on her by her long-time agent, but dealing with her nosy neighbours.  “Everyone knows those nosy neighbours” – who won’t mind their own business. They’re quirky, odd and sometimes even a little crazy – and Beaver Haven is full of them.

As this play going season at Theatre Burlington draws to an end, here is a jolly good laugh to take you into an enjoyable few months of no overcoats, just nice warm outside weather.

Shows like this help us realize that we need to take life a little less seriously

Dates: April 12-13, 19-20, 26-27*-27, 2019
Curtain 8:00 PM

 * Note: New added performance – Saturday April 27 Matinee (2:00 PM curtain).

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Strangers Among Us

By Aaron Bushkowsky

Directed by Maureen Dwyer
Produced by Penny Oliver

This is a drama with humour to break the seriousness of the plot.

“Gabrielle and Michael meet by accident, fall in love, part, meet again and fall in love all over again. The problem is, every time they meet, they forget each other’s names. They can’t help it; they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Complicating things are family members who have difficulty with the changes and challenges Gabrielle and Michael experience, as they become more and more entangled in the debris of memory and language. Eventually, Gabrielle and Michael end up in a long-term care facility where they meet other people suffering from the same malady, extraordinary people who live and die with courage and hope. In the end Michael and Gabrielle find love again and, in the process, change the lives of the people around them”.

Greatly feared and poorly understood Alzheimer’s disease hardly seems fit fare for the theatre but Buskowsky puts a gentle spin on it.
The Vancouver Courier

Contains Strong Adult Language

Dates: February 1-2-3*, 8-9-10*, 15-16, 2019
Curtain 8:00 PM / *2:00 PM matinee

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