The Imaginary Invalid

A comedy by Moliere, adapted by Miles Malleson

Directed by Tom Mackan
Produced by Michelle Spanik

Uproarious farce!

Moliere took the starch out of all the foolish phonies of his day and here he hits the medical quacks, their sidekicks and the fake invalids they prey upon. An adaptation in the best tradition of the British farce, every character aims to use poor Argan and his imaginary illnesses for their own benefit. He’s the master of his household, he thinks. But not to his perky and saucy servant Toinette, however, who delights in her impertinence. His daughter Angelique is hopelessly in love with the handsome Cleante but Argan has a greater plan for her, to marry her to his doctor’s son and gain a doctor from the deal. But resourceful Toinette inserts herself into a plot to foil her master. Everybody conspires to take advantage of him. But he has schemes of his own and the comedy becomes side-splitting. The laughs pile up until the incredible finale when the imaginary invalid gets the reward he deserves!

February 3-5*, 10-12*, 16-18 2012
*matinee 2:00 pm

Argan … Graham Clements
Toinette … Maureen Dwyer
Beline … Carla Zabek
Bonnefoy … Dave Powers
Cleante … Duncan Thompson
Angelique … Natalie Ruginis
Diaforus … Les Blackmore
Thomas … Ryan Trepanier
Louise … Hannah Ladwig
Beralde … Will Armstrong
Apothecary … Peter Hawley
Purgon … Ian Maclennan

Set Designer … Dani Podetz
Stage Manager … Kevin Moore
Lighting Design… Tricia Ward
Sound Design … Michelle Spanik
Costumes … Ariel Rogers
Properties … Nyn Draper
Script Assistant … Linda Clements
Auditing … John Bandler