Praise for Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror


Photo by Leonie Holmes

As President of the group, let me say that Theatre Burlington (and conflict of interest be damned), Michael Hannigan, his production team and joyful cast of well seasoned to downright virginal performers celebrate the immutable determination of Community Theatre to put on a show, difficulties/expenses/resources/insurmountable problems also be bloody well damned!!

And it so works, dear friends.

These people love their play and drag it kicking and screaming to life, fright wigs and unsticky whiskers, every costume in the wardrobe to battle stations, all hands on deck and how much better can it get? Get out and see it for yourselves.

There’s so much play to see, so many gender-blind and creative, “let’s do it anyway” things in this production, that there should be a ticket surcharge to pay for the voluntary enthusiastic energy….

But no, $22. is top ticket price, with consideration for seniors and students.

The Drama Centre, Central Park, Burlington
Box office 905-637-1728 or visit

Tom Mackan, Theatre Burlington President