Hilda’s Yard

Another crowd please by Norm Foster

Directed by Maureen Dwyer
Produced by Penny Oliver

A comedic look into the realities of family life.

In this play Norm Foster portrays a couple in their golden age, living in the late 50’s, enjoying life after their children have left home. Their idyllic future plans are cut short as a chain of events brings each one of the children ‘hopping the fence’ into Hilda’s yard and are suddenly back home for unexpected and extended stays. When Gary suddenly appears he is on the run from a couple of thugs for ‘stiffing’ their boss. Then Janey shows up too after leaving her husband. The generation gap between the parents and the children is large and what seems far out to the parents seem quite reasonable to the newer generation and the freedoms that came with this new era. As is often the case, the mother is the glue that holds it all together, as a housewife she learned to think out of the box and though father believes he knows best, she is the one that ties it all together bridging the generations. With Norm Foster’s incredible wit and insight that even when dealing with uncomfortable subjects, we still find a great deal to laugh at.

Shows like this help us realize that we need to take life a little less seriously.

April 13-14, 20*-21*, 26*-27*-28*, 2018
Curtain 8:00 PM

(* – Sold Out)

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Hilda … Kimberly Jonasson
Sam … Will Armstrong
Beverly … Jason Swenor
Bobbi … Liz Buchanan
Janey … Christine Marchetti
Gary … Ryan Trepanier

Director … Maureen Dwyer
Producer … Penny Oliver
Stage manager … Sondra Learn
Assistant Stage Manager … Nancie Mieczko
Script assistant … Mary Nolan
Set Design … Nancy Dykman
Set Decor … Lynn Bragg
Master Carpenter … John Strob
Set Construction … John Strob, John Spanik, Stan Semeniuk
Lighting Designer … Chuck Learn
Lighting Operator … Matt Dafoe
Lighting Crew … Stan Semeniuk, Chuck Learn
Costumes … Liz Boydell
Makeup … Richard Halliday
Properties … Nancie Mieczko
Sound Design … Kim Boydell
Sound Operator … Sondra Learn
Front of House … Doug Lintula
Publicity … Fay Bonanno, Rosemary Rhodes
Poster Design … Robynne Jamieson
Programme Cover Design … Robynne Jamieson
Programme … Fay Bonanno