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Hansel and Gretel

An original happy adaption…
By Vic Hyde

Directed by Kevin Moore

A one act show written for the children.

Everything’s comedy in this year’s seasonal Children’s play and Panto. Vic Hyde’s adaptation of this famous fairy tale is light-hearted romp in the forest, and the famous lost children, Hansel and Gretel, are a bright and witty brother and sister. There’s the loving mother and father, and there’s a couple of joke-cracking, knock-about woodsmen who try to help. Best of all there’s Fanny Frightface who owns the magic berry bush. She’s called a witch, but she gives real witches a bad name, because she’s just a nasty old lady who won’t let nice children pick berries from her wonderful berry bush and if they do the bush will … oh, oh… we don’t want to spoil the story. We can’t say any more, but be sure that there’ll be great fun and nonsense for everyone! 

November 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 2015
November 26 (sold out), 2015
Day time matinee’s. Thurs. & Fri. only evening shows

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!
Cash payment and ticket pickup at the door.

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The Odd Couple (female version)

A Comedy by Neil Simon
Directed by Sondra Learn

It’s the famous Odd Couple of Felix and Oscar recreated by the author in a totally hilarious female version. Since its first Broadway appearance in 1985 it’s had audiences falling about with laughter in countless professional and community theatres all over the world.

Come and meet Florence and Olive trying to share an apartment as totally opposite personalities;   compulsively neat and tidy Florence and incurably mess-indifferent Olive turn each other’s lives into one crisis after another. When the girls get together for an evening of Trivial Pursuit with a bevy of friends, and the helpful neighbours, the brothers Costazuela, get involved, the hilarity explodes.

Will everything work out for them all? If you know your Neil Simon, you’ll know the outcome will be quintessential American theatre.

“Very funny, indeed” reported the New York Post, and USA Today calls it “Endearing”

September 18-19, 24-25-26 – October. 1-2-3 2015
Curtain 8.00 PM

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!
Cash payment and ticket pickup at the door.

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Barefoot in the Park

A comedy by Neil Simon
Directed by David Mallis

Classic American comedy of young marriage in the 1960s

An early Neil Simon at his comedic best in this funny, side-splitting story of young people setting out in their married life. Older theatre-goers will remember the story of Corrie and Paul trying to learn how to settle into their walk-up New York brownstone apartment. Younger audiences will discover the high quality of American situation comedies of the 1960s, how great the story-telling and the writing were and continue to amaze us today.

April 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30 –  May 1, 2 – 2015

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!
Cash payment and ticket pickup at the door.

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The Handyman

A drama by Ronald Harwood

Directed by Tom Mackan
Produced by Michelle Spanik
Designed by Dani Podetz

Cressida and Julian Field live comfortably in the English countryside with their elderly Ukrainian odd-job man and friend of the family, Romka. Suddenly the police arrive. What has Romka done? … Is he guilty? … Is there a time limit on revenge and punishment? … The Handyman looks at questions surrounding culpability, retribution, universal responsibility and the possibility of evil in a story that holds and intrigues the audience from start to finish.

February 6-7-8*, 13-14-15*, 19-20-21*, 2015
*matinee 2:00 PM

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!
Cash payment and ticket pickup at the door.

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Words and Music by Vic Hyde and Jerry Webb

Directed by Scott Bloxom

Annual Children’s Show
An entertaining take on a familiar fairy tale with a British pantomime twist.  Expect chases, slapstick, songs and all sorts of silliness.

Our children’s productions are designed for the little ones to experience live theatre in an up close, friendly theatre setting that includes colourful costumes, sets and lighting. The children are encouraged to sit up front on mats while caregivers use the regular chairs.

November 21-22-23, 27-28-29, 2014
 – Thursday shows: 7:00 PM
 – Friday shows: 7:30 PM
 – Saturday November 22nd & Sunday shows: 1:30 PM & 3:30 PM
– Saturday November 29th 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM & 3:30 PM

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!
Cash payment and ticket pickup at the door.

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Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror

A comedy/mystery by Marcia Milgrom Dodge and Anthony Dodge

Directed by Michael Hannigan

Hang onto your hats, the game’s a foot. A merry madcap mixture of mystery, murder and Mayhem.

A despicable theatre critic has been murdered, and Holmes and Watson are soon visited by George Bernard Shaw, an aspiring Irish playwright who entices Holmes to take the case. As they cross swords with the most famous literary luminaries of the day — Oscar Wilde, Gilbert & Sullivan, Henry Irving, Bram Stoker, and a young H.G. Wells, Holmes and Watson come face to face with their own celebrity as they pursue the killer in this rollickingly funny whodunit.

September 19-20, 25-27, October 2-4 2014
All shows start at 8:00 PM

Call the Box Office at 905-637-1728 or request tickets online!

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Tuesdays with Morrie

A comedy/drama by Jeffrey Hatcher and Mitch Albom

Directed and Designed by Peter Lloyd
Produced by Peter Malysewich

An ever so human story of a young journalist’s love and respect for an old and dying man. Accidentally catching a TV interview with erstwhile teacher and mentor, Morrie Schwartz, Mitch learns the man is battling Lou Gehrig’s disease, and decides to reconnect with him after sixteen years. A simple visit becomes a weekly pilgrimage each Tuesday that gradually evolves into disarming lessons in the meaning, the wit, the survival, of life.

“This is a play that might, incredibly, just might – change your life.”
– John Simon – New York Magazine

“I was unprepared for how moving and powerful ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ turned out to be.”
– New York Post

“A touching, life-affirming, deeply emotional drama with a generous dose of humour.”
– New York Daily News

Production Dates: April 12-13, 18-20, 25-27 2013

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Nurse Jane goes to Hawaii

A comedy by Allan Stratton

Directed by Tom Mackan
Produced by Michelle Spanik

Collapse with laughter at this fast-paced farce

Vivien Bliss, romantic and virginal, intends to remedy a significant part of that condition during a weekend spent in the apartment of Edgar Chisholm. She is a writer of Harlequin romances, he is the bored spouse of Doris, a successful syndicated advice columnist. Difficulties begin when Doris decides to cancel her out-of-town trip and stay home with her husband, a plan that is discovered by the two would-be paramours only after Vivien is down to her baby-dolls. The confusion grows with the introduction of Bill Scant, a henpecked husband seeking an emergency consultation with Doris. Then there’s Peggy Scant, who believes Bill to be her older brother, but who is actually his and Doris’…. oh well, never mind now, because you’re going to be caught up in one of the funniest Canadian farces ever. Identity crises arise, doors open and slam shut in exquisite timing, and Vivien decides to take her next Nurse Jane novel to Hawaii and everybody ends up going along until we’re out of breath – roaring with laughter.

Production Dates: April 11-12, 17-19, 24-26 2014

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The Diary of Anne Frank

A drama by Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett

Directed by Sondra Learn
Produced by Chuck Learn

The inspiring World War II story of a Jewish family in hiding.

We bring you this remarkable stage adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary some sixty years after it was first produced on Broadway, and seventy years after the heartbreaking events of 1943 in that legendary attic in Amsterdam during World War II. Enter into the world of Otto and Edith Frank and their family as they strive to maintain a normal life in hiding while the spectre of death lurks only metres away in the Nazi occupied streets below them.

February 7-9*, 14-16*, 20-22 2014
*matinee 2:00 PM

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