Category: 2004-2005

Ethan Claymore

A comedy by Norm Foster

Directed by Al French
Produced by Peter Churey

It’s just before Christmas; struggling egg farmer and widower Ethan Claymore has given up on ever finding love and laughter again. With a lot of nudging from his needling neighbour Douglas, who’s determined to hitch him up again, and a surprise visit from his recently deceased brother, the used car salesman Martin, Ethan finds his world brightens just in the nick of time

Production Dates: April 22-23, 28-30, May 5-7 2005

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A black comedy by Morris Panych

Directed by Tom Mackan
Produced by Chuck Learn

Morris Panych’s brilliant black comedy is structured around what happens when an extremely self-centred and shallow person finds himself, through his own errors and inattentiveness, in a life and death situation with profound and far reaching consequences. A play of twisted circumstance, mistaken identity and surprising turns, it is deliciously absurd, incredibly funny and poignantly tender.

Production Dates: February 4-5, 10-13*, 17-19 2005
*matinee 2:00 pm

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The Glass Menagerie

A drama by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Vincenzo Guerriero
Produced by Theatre Burlington

In this semi-autobiographical play the domineering matriarch of the Wingfield family tries to find a “gentleman caller” for her fragile daughter.

Production Dates: September 17-18, 23-25, 30 October 1-2 2004

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