The Subject was Roses

By Frank D. Gilroy

Directed by Dia Frid
Produced by Michelle Spanik

1964 Pulitzer Prize Play and winner of two Tony Awards, the play is still a persuasive story of a small family after WW2. John and Nettie come to terms with their returning son, whose values and life style are at odds with the familiar ways of their pre-war days. In scenes tender and moving, witty and funny, sharp and incisive, this small and nuclear family seeks to come together in a changing America. Neither sad nor tragic, this is just a wonderfully written story of life and getting along.

Production Dates: September 17-18, 23-25, 30 October 1-2 2010

John … Will Armstrong
Nettie … Cynthia Dempster
Timmy … Duncan Thompson