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Rose’s Dilemma

By Neil Simon

Directed by Peter Churey
Produced by Inez Hayes

In her beach house in the Hampton’s, celebrated writer Rose Steiner stands at a crossroads: she hasn’t written anything new for years and money is getting short. Her former lover, literary lion Walsh McLaren, offers her-from beyond the grave-an opportunity to gross millions. It’s not going to be easy and a ghost writer is required. This is a touching, funny and unpredictable romantic frolic by America’s favorite Pulitzer prize winning writer of comedies

Production Dates: April 18-19, 24-26, May 1-3 2008

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Born Yesterday

By Garson Kanin

Directed by Dia Frid
Produced by Michelle Spanik

The story of junkyard tycoon Harry Brock, who, as the play opens, is checking into a luxury hotel suite where he intends to stay as long as it takes to buy himself a Senator. Accompanying Harry are his cousin-cum-manservant, Eddie, his schyster attorney, Ed Devery, and his longtime cutie pie, a dim-witted doll named Billie Dawn. Besides her obvious recreational value, Billie is useful because she unwittingly serves as a front for Harry’s shady shenanigans, but she’s also embarrassingly ignorant and uncouth. When Paul Verrall, a nosy young reporter for the New Republic, comes sniffing around for a story, Harry puts him off the trail by putting him on the payroll as Billie’s private tutor. In the process of smoothing out the ex-chorus girl’s considerable rough edges, Paul falls hard for Billie and before long, Billie’s eyes are opened, not only to Harry’s dirty deeds, but also to the exhilaration of discovering that she’s got a brain and thanks to Paul, she’s learning how to use it.

Production Dates: February 1-2, 7-10*, 14-16 2008

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Crimes of the Heart

By Beth Henley

Directed by Vincenzo Guerriero
Produced by Chuck Learn

The scene is Hazlehurst, Mississippi, where the three Magrath sisters have gathered to await news of the family patriarch, their grandfather, who is living out his last hours in the local hospital. Lenny, the oldest sister, is unmarried at thirty and facing diminishing marital prospects; Meg, the middle sister, who quickly outgrew Hazlehurst, is back after a failed singing career on the West Coast; while Babe, the youngest, is out on bail after having shot her husband in the stomach. Their troubles, grave and yet, somehow, hilarious, are highlighted by their priggish cousin, Chick, and by the awkward young lawyer who tries to keep Babe out of jail while helpless not to fall in love with her. In the end the play is the story of how its young characters escape the past to seize the future…but the telling is so true and touching and consistently hilarious that it will linger in the mind long after the curtain has descended.

Production Dates: September 14-15, 20-22, 27-29 2007

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