Barefoot in the Park

A comedy by Neil Simon
Directed by David Mallis

Classic American comedy of young marriage in the 1960s

An early Neil Simon at his comedic best in this funny, side-splitting story of young people setting out in their married life. Older theatre-goers will remember the story of Corrie and Paul trying to learn how to settle into their walk-up New York brownstone apartment. Younger audiences will discover the high quality of American situation comedies of the 1960s, how great the story-telling and the writing were and continue to amaze us today.

April 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30 –  May 1, 2 – 2015

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Corrie Bratter … Jennifer Graham
Ethel Banks … Gail Edwards
Victor Velasco … Tom Levely
Paul Bratter … Tom Mays
Telephone Repairman … Mike Mitton

Director … David Mallis
Producer … Chuck Learn
Stage manager … Jan Bondy-Chorney
ASM … Matt Dafoe
Props … Sondra Learn, Sydney Peters, Mark Collis
Costumes … Penny Oliver
Set Design … Tom Levely
Lighting Design … Chuck with help from Ron
Sound Design … Chuck with help from Ron
Lighting Operator … Jo-Ann Livingston
Sound Operator … Scott Bloxom
Set Construction … Chuck Learn assisted by John Strobe and Peter Malysewich